A Basic Mencius





Mencius is known to history as the “other” great philosopher from China. In actuality, Mencius was highly influential as one of the greatest exponents of Confucian thought, and is credited with bringing Confucianism back from the brink of near extinction in China and cementing the Confucian tradition as the major societal and ethical school of philosophy in Chinese civilization. This book features some of the greatest teachings of Mencius, with each quote paired with a historical anecdote on the opposite page.


Publisher: Long River Press
Date_published: 2007
Language: en
Pages: 145
ISBN-10: 1592650465
ISBN-13: 9781592650460
Dimensions: Height: 6.8 Inches, Length: 5.7 Inches, Weight: 0.6 Pounds, Width: 0.8 Inches
Binding: Hardcover

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