Repentance: Facing Death and Finding Redemption on the Roof of the World


Lin, Xiao



In 2011, The World Was Shocked To See An Incredible Number Of Self-immolations Of Buddhist Monks In India And Southwest China. These Acts Have Not Been Supported By The 14th Dalai Lama Nor By The Tibetan Government-in-exile, Though They Are Clearly Directed At The Chinese Governments Policy On Tibet Since 1959. Repentance Tells The Incredible Story Of What Could Be A Prologue To These Recent Horrific Events: In 2001, A Buddhist Monk Named Gyatso Was Detained At The Tibetan Border As He Tried To Enter Tibet Illegally. He Confessed To Being Part Of A Complex Plot To Immolate Himself In Lhasa, On The Front Door Of The Chinese Authorities In Tibet. The Plot Involved Some Of The Highest Members Of The Dalai Lama Group And The Tibetan Government-in-exile. Gyatsos Case, And Trial, Caused A Media Sensation In China.journalist Xiao Lin Gained Unprecedented Access To Interview Gyatso In Prison To Find Out Why He Left Tibet For India, Only To Be Recruited And Groomed To Return As A Die Hard Martyr Prepared To Sacrifice Himself On The Roof Of The World. Xiao Lins Riveting And Utterly Frank Interview With Gyatso Is Certain To Provoke Further Discussion On Chinas Tibet Policy As Well As The Policies Of The Dalai Lamas Followers In India And Around The World. Xiao Lin ; Translator Chong Wenhua.,Buddhism and politics,Self-immolation,Self-immolation–China–Tibet Autonomous Region–Biography,Buddhist monks,Buddhist monks–China–Tibet Autonomous Region–Interviews,BQ4570.S7 X52 2012


Publisher: Cypress
Date_published: 2013
Language: en
Pages: 134
ISBN-10: 1592651569
ISBN-13: 9781592651566
Dimensions: Height: 8 inches, Length: 5 inches, Width: 0.34 inches
Binding: Paperback

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